40 in 40 mins…Web 2.0


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So, here is my favourites from Greg Gebhart’s session. There is sooo many amazing Web2.0 tools online, so it is great to share what we have found! Please add any you’ve found!


Photo effects
befunky.com photo effects
imageoid.com photo effects
smugmug.com – image search

wordle etc.
wordle.net – main points in kids writing


Brainstorm/mind mapping

Web 2.0 40 sites in 40 mins, Greg Gebhart


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We are at ICTEV 2011 listening to Greg “The Guru” Gebhart show us 40 Web 2.0 sites in 40 Mins! Update of my faves to come!!

The Count


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I realise we have been terrible Bloggers lately and have neglected our little darling blog. BUT, Sam has left me for prep 🙁 and he has been sick for a while. He LOVES it in Prep and has a new friend The Count. The count was bored during Sam’s absence and a few of us caught him doing some things around the school! (I know this is a bit lame but I did use technology and I hope it cheers Sam up a bit!)

Book Trailers


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Hey all!
A new post….FINALLY! We have been spending a lot of time working on book trailers lately. Our fantastic librarian, Tye, introduced us to them. As a class we analysed and watched heaps of book trailers on You Tube, checking out what made them great and what made some not so great! Check out my fabulous classes Book trailers on You Tube!


They’d really love your feedback!!



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It’s Super Simple!!

A tool for all those visual learners out there like me! This cute little program allows you to install it for free and start drawing your simple diagrams straight away! No sign up and it’s straight on your desktop. What can it be used for? Well, organising ideas, planning for stories, mapping out tasks etc. Pretty much whatever you like. It’s appearance is simple too, so kids won’t get carried away changing colours and fonts (on the free version you only get Arial), it looks like a nice little chalk board. I would use it as an optional tool for those real visual learners who like to plan using pictures and diagrams.


aMap modeled lesson


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Teaching persuasive writing with aMap on YouTube

Here is the video we made of ourselves teaching persuasive writing to year 7 students using aMap. I finally managed to upload it to YouTube! We have written about this lovely little Web 2.0 program before so we decided to model how we teach using it and interview some of the kids about how it helps them.

Jog, don’t run, the web


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Jog, don’t run, the web.

‘Veronica and I are trying this new fad called jogging. You just…. run’  – Ron Burgundy.

Jog the web is a great web2.0 that offers perhaps a little more scope than Ron Burgundy would lead you to believe. Jog the Web allows you to collate any number of websites together in the one platform and scroll through them as if they were all pages of the one website.

This is fantastic because if you want kids to navigate to a number of websites that have confusing web addresses to copy, or you just want to cut down time wasted getting to them, you can setup a ‘jog’ that your kids can work through.

Jog the web allows you leave a brief comment about the page. I use this to set questions for students for students, much like a webquest.

Once you have found your websites, it is really simple to collate using Jog the web, and joining is free, which makes it attractive to stingy people like me.

Kate and I recently used jogtheweb to form part of our cybersafety workshop in Christchurch, and the feedback was really good.



here are some examples of how we’ve used Jogtheweb in our teaching and professional learning.


Twiducate How To…


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Step one… Click the sign up button at www.twiducate.com


Step 2…Enter your details. Your Email address will not be shown to students.


Step 3… Add your class. On the right you will see your name displayed. Click EDIT, next to Class Network.


Step 4…Add each of your students, giving them a unique password will make it
easier for them to remember. Only use the setudents first name for privacy.

Step 5…Log in. Students use the class code and their individual password.




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I’m not normally the sort to get in an argument; I hate it when the life partner yells at me for not putting the bin out on time!

I’d certainly never argue in the classroom. That was until *drumroll* I came across AMAP (www.amap.org.uk). This is great little program that structures an argument into a little mind map you can embed onto blogs, wikis or even Iweb. Now, I let my kids argue until the cows come home!

On a serious note though, we used amap as a great little introduction to persuasive texts. It gives a really nice framework to introduce kids to structuring an argument by sequencing evidence.

The great thing about the amap website is that the arguments created by students are added to a live feed; this means students can view eachothers work, and respond accordingly.

Great little tool, give it a crack!

Welcome to Web 2.0h Yeah!!


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Are you fearful of using technology in your classroom? Do you want to become a more frequent user of web 2.0 technologies but don’t know where to start? Does your shower have stains that your normal cleaner just cannot get rid of, wait… wrong topic.

Welcome to web2.Oh Yeah! We’ve set this up to give teachers practical ways to use web2.0 tools in their classroom. Just think about it: think how far computers have emerged in the past ten years. Imagine the difference another ten years will make. Imagine how important technology will be in kid’s lives when they become adults.

Drink your worries away with a regular sip of web2.0h Yeah! Each week we’ll have videos, podcasts and how to’s on some of our favourite tools from the net. You’ll know what to use and how to use it, no strings attached.

About the Authors

Sam and Kate are two young teachers from Manor Lakes College in Victoria Australia. After attending Ulearn 2010 and seeing some of the amazing work being done with ICT in schools, they were inspired to share their experience of web2.0 with other teachers; through ‘techie brekkies’ which they run in their school and via this blog’.

They are from a 1:1 laptop program in year 7 and use web2.0 daily as a result. They are innovative with the way the use these tools in the class and do not shy away from trying something new.

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